Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India

It is no better to eat fruits and vegetables in their entirety. From new vegetable and fruit juicing extracts the juice. The substance includes much of the fruit’s vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. Both fruit and vegetables, however, still have good fiber that is lost mostly during the juicing process. Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India

Certain people claim that juicing is healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables, so the body can better consume the nutrients. It says juicing will reduce your cancer risk, improve your immune system, extract toxins from your body, support your metabolism, and lose weight. Come June, and the rain is over us all in India. You hope. This is not happening every year, sadly. You do have heat in areas like Chennai.

The only way to fight the heat is to take the cup of “kaapi,” which is loved by the Chennaiite, and to use fresh fruit juices.

Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India 2024

Here is the Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India:

1Kuvings Evo-Series Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer135 RatingsCheck Price
2Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer (Dark Silver Juicer)2641 RatingsCheck Price
3Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer (Wine Red)1501 Ratings’Check Price
4Hurom Plastic & Stainless Steel 150-Watt Cold Press Juicer132 RatingsCheck Price
5Balzano ZZJ827M 180-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Red)170 RatingsCheck Price
6Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black)269 RatingsCheck Price
7Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black)115 RatingsCheck Price
8Borosil – Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer, 200W64 RatingsCheck Price
9AGARO – 33293 Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology (Grey/Black)89 RatingsCheck Price
10Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Silver)144 RatingsCheck Price
Top Ten Table of Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India 2024

1. Kuvings Evo-Series Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

An independent United Kingdom publication called this cold press juicer from Kuvings ‘The Rolls Royce of All Juicers.’ It is supplied as the best cold press juicer in India today, with superb features.

This juicer’s soul has one of the strongest torques in the industry, the mighty 240W Brushless AC engine. It, therefore, ranks in its niche as an outstanding unit. The patented JCMS technology promises a rendering amount of at least 10% more juice in its segment than other juicers.

The excellent quality of the cold press juicer is its large feeding hose, which helps you to within the appliance whole fruits. It decreases nutrition deficiency as well as reduces preparation time.

Kuvings is an ideal cleaning product as it greatly increases comfort. This juicer helps the largest volume of juice to be produced from greens, fruits, and vegetables. Good and tasty milk can be prepared from almonds, cashews, soy, etc.

The proprietary Silicon-free juicing bowl of the 5th generation increases total reliability and makes installation and cleaning of the equipment easy. The juicer has a retrofitted ULTEM auger to make juice extraction smoother and more compact.

This unit is fitted with an intelligent cap and pulp outlet. It is also a great method to create mixture recettes. The shortcut in the pulp outlet makes for easier purification.


  • Ideal to derive juice from almost all fruits and vegetables
  • Provides high quality and nutritious value
  • Strong engine with the lowest noise


  • The bigger fruits and vegetables must be sliced and the seeds separated before being put into the juices.

2. Kuvings B1700 Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer (Dark Silver Juicer)

This juicer is a cold-pressor chewing juicer that presses fresh juice to extract the ingredients. It means the optimum nutrients are preserved, thereby enhancing the product’s flavor. The wide mouth of around 76 mm lets you eat easily both seeds, fruits, and greens. It even helps to produce milk from cassava, nuts, dates, and even is one of the Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicers.

You will get the highest fruit and vegetable juice content without having to apply preservatives to your health. The B1700’s robust body style is not only appealing, but it also saves precious space on the top and cabinets in the kitchen.

Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India

The ULTEM-based auger is the USP of the juicer. The gain is that ULTEM is a technology used in surgical equipment and airliners. The auger and strainer are provided with the required strength.

Another highlight is the proprietary washing technology provided with this juicer. The filter inside the spinning and washing brushes helps clean the residues. The brush twist guarantees the strainer is cleaned.

The built-in low-noise architecture guarantees that your fruit juices can be processed without noise emissions. This architecture assures less friction and decreases noise.

The 76mm diameter feeding tube is perfect so before insertion, you do not have to chop the fruit. You can conveniently add a full apple with this juicer.


  • 100% BPA free
  • It is far better than a centrifugal juicer.
  • High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of products such as auger and strainer.
  • This juicer is quite easy to clean.
  • Comes with a wide-mouthed feeder, You don’t need to cut fruits.


  • Frequent cleaning due to pulp accumulation around the juicing screw is necessary.
  • It is quite heavy.
  • The high price is also a problem

3. Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer (Wine Red)

Dense fruit juices with no air bubbles are created with the Hestia Nutri-Max. No oxidation is present that impacts juice flavor. For a longer time, these juices will remain fresh.

This juicer contains the highest enzymes, carbohydrates, phytochemicals, and trace minerals for antioxidation of the body.

You get more juice than the centrifugal juicers from this cold press juicer. After the juices are finished, the extraction will be complete as the pulp bone is dry. The juicer can be quickly washed because it takes just one minute.

Each portion of the juicer has contact with foodstuffs. Therefore, high hygiene levels must be upheld. The BPA is 100% free of any part of the juicer. Ultimo Pasty (spacecraft material) is used by manufacturers to make the auger.

The bowl of juicer is made of plastic triton. The filters are made of 304-grade stainless steel and Ultimo.

The auger comes with proprietary big buttons to squeeze from the fruit the final drops of juice. The larger auger and the high speed of 60 RPM allow the full fruit juice to be squeezed.

The juicer is fitted with a feeding tube that is adequate to accommodate an orange or apple. This juicer is supplied with quality equipment such as individual strainers for drinks, smoothies, and frozen fruit gelato.


  • Big juicer able to draw the most juice from the fruit.
  • Comes with a big feeder tube that contains fruits such as apples and oranges.
  • The high-content standard material used in this juicer.
  • 100% BPA free.


  • The system is more bulky than other juicers.
  • Contains comparatively more plastic parts.

4. Hurom Plastic & Stainless Steel 150-Watt Cold Press Juicer

The Hurom cold press juicers are fitted with a squeeze technology of the second generation to remove the final drop of fruit and vegetables. This product is the culmination of over 41⁄2 decades of technical experience. The lightweight juicer blends well and increases its overall appeal for smaller kitchens.

This juicer’s subtly squeezed pace minimizes nutrient loss from proximity to oxygen and frictional heat is the spectacular highlight.

The sensitive and coarser strainer is also thrilling, allowing solid particles and pure juices to be easily filtered out with a smooth, sweet texture. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer. The variations in the exterior and internal measurements of the strainer significantly enhance the stress process. It is made of durable, stainless steel and polyetherimide.

The cold press juicer Hurom is a simple work to install and disassemble. At any angle, the screw can be inserted and pushed to finish the mounting with the new base structure.

This juicer is quick to clean since the inner brush is turned and the chamber and strainer are washed at the time of juicing. The AC motor is well known for its peaceful running. It’s often long-lasting, guaranteeing these juicers’ long lives.


  • The slow velocity guarantees optimum nutrient retention.
  • Lightweight and pretty compact.
  • Easy to clean


  • The inlet is small and you have to cut the fruit before insertion it into small pieces.

5.Balzano ZZJ827M 180-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Red)

Balzano introduces Italian artistry and crafts into the Indian kitchen as Bosch adds the best of German technology. Balzano’s history of producing outstanding home appliances dates back decades.

Balzano is dedicated to providing top-quality customer service as well as the latest goods. The cold press is an effective means of processing juice, since oxidation is removed, which decreases nutrient degradation and increases the flavor and health of your juices.

Balzano juicer has similar products in the processing of bananas, berries, and leafy greens. The gradual method of juicing is the finest from these ingredients and supplies your body with optimum nutrients. The quiet activity of this Balzano juicer is one of the stellar qualities. The aluminum body and the slow-motion engines greatly decrease the noise level.

This juicer extracts the fiber from the fruit and helps you to drink crystal-clear juice containing all of the nutrients.

This is one of the best juicers of cold press for milk extraction from nuts such as almonds and cassava.

Italian technology increases the mood of your kitchen when this trendy juicer is positioned at the top of your kitchen.

The cold press juicer Balzano is well-equipped on the safety front since it doesn’t operate unless all components are fully mounted. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow JuicerThe Juicer Balzano has two independent pulp and juice removal sources. But it is not possible to combine them in order to achieve a polluted output.


  • Build Quality and Durability are awesome.
  • Keeps the Highest safety level.
  • This machine is well ahead of the small and cheap devices on the market in terms of efficiency.


  • Original replacement parts may be a concern.

6. Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black)

With these high-quality cold press slow juicers, Bosch introduces the latest German technology to your kitchen. They are the perfect friends for enhanced immunity and decent living. It is stronger than a normal juicer because it offers balanced, fiber-rich, and dense juice than cold press juicer Bosch. She’s one of the quietest niche operators. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer

The juicer is sluggish to suck the last drop of juice from fruit and vegetables. It also guarantees a high nutritious value. This juicer comes with three filters, a gritty smoothie filter, a thin filter for balanced drinks, and an ice-cool sorbet.

MixControl extracts seeds for a smooth preservation of your drinks. You thus regulate the fruit pulp absolutely.

The slow juicing process guarantees that each bit of savory juice is squeezed and provides a wide variety of juices and smoothies with vitamins and minerals.

It is easy to assemble or disassemble this juicer. It is also one of the most relaxed drying juicers. Under the kitchen topper, you should wash it or put it in the laundry room.

The VitaBar App offers nutritious meals customized tips and shopping lists to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. This cold press juicer will remove chocolate milk spinach smoothies and avocado juice in comparison to other cold press juicers. It’s simple to cook the Pandan Kaja Jelly, the Pina Colada Sorbet, and a free recipe book for the juicer.


  • It’s quite easy to use and clean.
  • The performance is awesome.
  • It comes with a recipe book.


  • The pulp valve must be strengthened.

7. Usha Nutripress (362F) 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Black)

The Cold Press technology guarantees that fruits and vegetables have a natural flavor and nutritious value. These nutrient levels cannot be obtained by using the grinding jug. The Usha juicer comes with a wide mouth capable of taking whole uncut fruit and vegetables to give the body the best nutrients.

The low-temperature juicing and quiet process ensure that your fruit and vegetables are savored, fed, and sampled. The juicer is supplied with interchangeable parts making cleaning and maintaining incredibly simple.

The auger consists of high-quality plastic without BPA. The intelligent cover stops the jars from leaking juice. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • The technology of the cool press guarantees the fruit and filters extract full juice.
  • Detachable sections that allow washing and thus quick maintenance.
  • one of the Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicers


  • You must cut the pulp and drill it again to collect 100% juice.
  • The number of appliances that need washing is increased

8. Borosil – Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer, 200W

We addressed brand versions of cold press juicers from Italy, Korea, and Germany. In this group, India also has its autochthonous goods. The cold press slow juicer Borosil Health Pro is the name of India amongst the country’s top juicers.

The impressive highlight of this machine is its high efficiency at an affordable price of less than 10,000 Rs, which is equivalent to foreign versions.

The easiest way to remove fruit juice is the sluggish, pressing juicing technology. Maximum recovery is possible and the necessary nutrients are preserved.

Slow squeezing would not allow for the oxidation process so that all goodness is bundled in the fruit juice.

This juicer has an 80mm deep mouth to feed whole fruits and vegetables. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicers It is advisable to break off fruit and discard the seeds before they are pressed in, although it is enough for vegetables. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer

The back function is a good option, so if it sticks to the blades, you can clear the pulp. This juicer runs a low-noise engine and is thus favored by householders. This cold press juicer is good for collecting both soft and hard fruit juice.

The safety lock assures that the system will not start running if the components have been wrongly installed.


  • awesome safety feature.
  • The slow squeeze technique assures the best conservation of nutrients.
  • Ideal for extracting fruit and vegetables


  • Cleaning is that easy

9. AGARO – 33293 Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer with Cold Press Technology (Grey/Black)

Battle against the full amount of nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals, and plant chemicals in your body. Dense juice with absolutely no clouds of air. No oxidation, newly more than centrifugal juices and bone-dry pulp than any cold-press juicer plastic pieces are 100% BPA-free and manufactured with superior product consistency. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer

The cooling press process guarantees the best possible preservation of juice and nutrients, producing thick fruits, smoothies, and sorbet. In the Juicer’s broad feeding chute, a whole apple or orange can be processed so the fruit can be sliced without worries first.

If the juicer is blocked by some pulp, the reverse button helps to reverse the pulp to make it run easily.

The slow juicer components are easy to assemble, disassemble, and vacuum. The sluggish juicer is not only for the extraction of juices but also for the preparation of smoothies, sorbets, and slush.

In order to ensure the well-being of the relatives, the plastic pieces are made of BPA-free plastic.


  • Cold press technology was used.
  • Comes with a large feeding chute.
  • Reverse function for smooth functioning.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • BPA-free parts.


  • You can’t use it for commercial purposes.

10. Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer (Silver)

It’s a lazy juniper in Panasonic. The full juice, nutrients, and flavor can therefore be derived from vegetables and fruit. It means that vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes are retained.

It is ideal for safe and herbal juicing since it operates at a low temperature.
The method of slow compression means that less moisture develops and resists oxidation to juice decoloration, improving and ensuring the flavor lasts longer. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer

The juicer is solid since eight times more than most plastics are used in plastic materials for the manufacture of the screw and strut to survive heavy-duty juicing.

It’s so easy to clean. The low-speed squeezing auger is suitable for crushing fruit and vegetables and for maintaining stable enzymes by oxidation delays.


  • High-quality parts.
  • It has a reverse operation facility.
  • Simple to operate.
  • comes with a large feeder.


  • The downside is that the higher distance between the eyelid and the juicing vessel doesn’t make your bone dry pulp.

Well, we have mentioned the Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer in India.

Before You purchase one of these juicers, Let’s make it clear which one perfectly your needs. Top 10 Best Cold Press Slow Juicer

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