Top 10 Kitchen Chimneys for Modern Kitchens

The Top 10 Kitchen Chimneys for Modern Kitchens in India

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Well, Today, the kitchen Chimney has become an essential part of every home nowadays. Without the best kitchen chimney, any modular kitchen will be incomplete. Auto-clean chimneys! The name explains all of this. In simpler terms, these types of hoods do not need a lot of cleaning problems when fitted, since they come with a self-cleaning feature. Top 10 Kitchen Chimneys

Auto-cleaning Chimney with a non-adhesive aluminum blower from which gases move. Oil particles are pushed to migrate through blower walls because of the centrifugal forces and are deposited in collector/ bowls that are easy to remove and wash. Depending on the use, these detachable bowels have been washed once a month. There is no extra work to purify oil pickers. You just need to click on the button “auto clean” while cooking.

Chimneys make your kitchen haze and smell-free. Many hoods need timely cleaning to make them perform properly. But it is a very boring job and that is something everyone needs to miss. There are several automotive cleaning chemicals firms on the market, so you must use this guide to get a better understanding if you intend to purchase it.

The automotive cleaning chimney gives you time to turn the Automotive Clean button on the unit. When the function is triggered, the heating elements on the engine case will melt and graze and drip the collected grapes into the oil collector tray.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India:

1Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – WD HAC Touch BF 90481 RatingsBuy Now
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2Faber 90cm 1500 m3/h Chimney – Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 90418 RatingsBuy Now
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3Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney830 RatingBuy Now
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4Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney1461 RatingsBuy Now
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5Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney418 RatingsBuy Now
On Amazon
6Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney755 RatingsBuy Now
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7Hindware 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney173 RatingsBuy Now
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8Eurodomo 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney830 RatingsBuy Now
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9Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney858 RatingsBuy Now
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10Elica 60cm 1423m3/h Auto Clean Chimney  401 RatingsBuy Now
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Before I mention some of the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India. Let’s discuss some basics about Auto Cleaning Chimne.

What is an auto-clean chimney?

Basically, as opposed to other hoods, auto-clean chimneys encourage less cleaning. A separate oil collector tray or cup is given in this sort of chimney, which collects all the oil particles produced at the time of cooking. When the oil doesn’t bind to the internal sections and filters, these chimneys have a relatively long life cycle.

Why use an auto-clean chimney?

Equipment is a great benefit in terms of service and effort reduction. Auto-clean chimneys with Baffle filters benefit from the fact that oil residues in the housing can be washed by heat-clean technologies. The baffle cleaner intercepts the oil in European chimneys and frequently wipes the hood. The oil is trapped in the Auto Clean to the fan and the case that is taken up in the oil cup when washed.

Which are the trending brands for Auto-cleaning chimneys in India?

For over 20 years Glen India has been selling fireplaces in India and provides a variety of fireplaces in different designs and models, with European filters and heat auto-clean technology. Other Brands like Elica, Faber, Eurodomo, and Hindware doing great these days. These are the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India:

1. Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Because of its excellent design, Elica’s kitchen chimney is pretty famous. It blends well into your kitchen setting and is also a must-have in your kitchen. The Touch Control Panel makes it easy to use this chimney. The chimney is energy-efficient and needs no upkeep.

Thanks to heat auto-cleaning technologies, cleaning the chimney is easy. The technology uses a heating element to extract and gather sticky oil particles from the oil collector.

It’s quick to clean the oil collector. No manual operation is therefore required. It’s a working 1200 m3/h suction chimney, making it a handy piece of equipment in your kitchen.

The Baffle stainless steel filter is an effective component, which eliminates the residue from the bag. It encourages the air to travel easily between the displays.

The Elica chimney’s measurements are so ideal for your kitchen. The chimney is fitted with lighting LED bulbs. 180 watts were consumed to ensure reduced costs for electricity. So in 2019, it is one of India’s finest cookery chimneys.


  • Fits well for your kitchen.
  • Appliance for energy conservation.
  • Facilities and cleanliness


  • You have to pay Extra charges for insulation.

2. Faber 90cm 1500 m3/h Chimney

We are talking about the Best Kitchen chimneys in India and forget Faber, No way. Faber is one of the first recommendations. Faber is one of India’s Best Kitchen Chimney in India models today, for no reason. This Primus Energy Faber Hood promises greater suction capability as well as higher efficiency for grease and noise reduction.

The three-layer baffle filters are suitable for an Indian kitchen, as more oil and grate can also be found here. The 3-layer Faber blister filter shifts the path of the vapors, thereby taking up oil and turf. Since they are filters in stainless steel, no replacement is needed.

The proper luminance for your cooking operation is given by two LED lamps. The Heat Auto Clean technology extracts one-touch oil particles. It increases the suction capacity of the chimney by sweeping up oil and grate and depositing it in the oil collector.

Faber is easy to manage as one press is adequate to send the Chimney to life.

The best feature of this kitchen fireplace is minimal noise, so you can concentrate on your cooking. The chimney from Faber has a powerful engine that makes for high expectations. It is also durable and less noisy.


  • The perfect value for your money.
  • Works perfectly fine.
  • Excellent suction power


  • Extra charges for installation.
  • Problems with customer service can be distracting.

3. Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Auto-cleaning is one of the best features of a fireplace. Manually cleaning a chimney is a daunting job. A chimney is also still preferable with an auto-cleaning facility. One such apparatus is the Eurodomo chimney.

The rubber filters of stainless steel help to extract the grease, soot, and other residues. This eliminates the care and cleaning of the filter. The heat auto-cleaning system is used without human intervention to eliminate impurities.

A powerful motor is provided in this chimney that enables 1200 m3/h of suction energy. Therefore, during the cooking, you get less smoke and more scents. Secondly, the suction process extracts the dust and ensures that you eat nutritious food.

The touch control panel with a digital control panel makes it easier to use this chimney.

To light up the area immediately underneath the chimney, LED lights are available. The architecture of the chimney makes it ideal for your kitchen, winning the distinction of being the best chimney under Rs 10.000.


  • With template glass, It has the best design period.
  • The high suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr.
  • The filters are easy to clean.


  • Since it is pretty big it’s not suitable for a small kitchen.

4. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware is a local brand from India that has the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India for sure.  This chimney looks glossy and has a quality finish in stainless steel.

This chimney is fitted with energy-efficient LED lights to light your cooking area, especially countertops.

The most significant feature of this chimney is its thermal auto-cleaning, which helps to remove oil and other residues without any human intervention.

The metal blower has a high suction power of 1200 m3/hr, so the kitchen has less smoke. The powerful engine means that it uses the lowest available power.

The one-touch controls allow the chimney to work comfortably.


  • The chimney is easy to work on and clean.
  • 1200 m3/h high suction capability.
  • Excellent design which gives the kitchen sparkle.
  • Maximizes airflow to the kitchen by smoke reduction.


  • Extra Charges could be very Expensive.

5. Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hour Heat Auto Clean Chimney Black

Faber is a renowned multinational chimney brand suitable for Indian kitchens. also, the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India Kitchens have lots of oil and soot in Indian cuisine. In these circumstances, Faber Chimney is suitable, because of its powerful engine with a practical suction capability of 1200 m3/h.

This fireplace comes with automobile head cleaning technology to clean the fireplace with a single press. The oil residue can be removed and filtered at leisure in the oil collector.

It uses filterless processing. The best feature of this filter. Therefore, this chimney has scarcely any upkeep costs.

The strong motor guarantees less noise, allowing you without interruption to concentrate on your cooking.

In order to provide plenty of lighting for the kitchen counters, this chimney comes with two LÉD lamps, which also use less electricity.

It’s a next-generation chimney with strong features such as regulation of motion and touch. The control mechanism of the gesture enables the chimney to work without physical touch.


  • It has Filter-less technology.
  • Auto head cleaning feature available.
  • It has a Powerful Motor.
  • Excellent suction capacity.
  • One of the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India


  • The expense can be a restrictive factor.

6. Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica Chimney maintains a smoking atmosphere even when frying your favorite snacks with a high-quality sucking power of 1200m3/hr.

The size of this chimney is ideal for an Indian kitchen of little to medium size. The touch control panel which makes room for smooth operation is one of the best aspects of this chimney.

This Chimney from Elica has the automotive head clean technology to remove oil, soot, and other stickable contaminants using a heating tool. The residue is collected in the removable and washable coil collector.

The baffle filters are easy to scrub, as well. The value of a stainless steel trunk filter is that it forces oil and waste to fit into the trunk while enabling air to move easily.

The oil is gathered inside the oil collector since it cannot change direction. The LED lamps provide the lighting element needed to improve the efficiency of the chimney.


  • Auto head cleaning prevents manual service.
  • The high strength of suction.
  • Filters of Baffle are made of Stainless Steel.
  • Energy-efficient device.


  • Installation is not absolutely free as they show it’s free.

7. Hindware 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney

The size of this hardware Chimney is suitable for Indian kitchens of standard size. It’s a compact chimney with outstanding features such as an illuminating LED display and a powerful 1100 m3/hr suction engine.

This absorption potential guarantees optimal ventilation for all pollutants to enter the atmosphere.

The Baffle filter is an excellent part of picking up oil and other residues to allow them to travel easily through the oil pump.

The controls with the push-button render operating simple. The sleek matt finish suits your kitchen mood. This chimney.

The noiseless activities are among the highlights of this chimney. It is also quick to clean this chimney, even though there are no auto-cleaning facilities.

This great feature makes the Chimney of the Hindware one of Rs 8,000’s finest.


  • Simple to use with one-touch controls.
  • It’s High suction power keeps the kitchen smoke-free.
  • Noiseless and strong.


  • Do not have the technology for auto head purification.

8. Eurodomo 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Because of their excellent 1200 m3/hr suction capacity, Eurodomo chimneys are ideal for Indian kitchens. It means that ash, soot, and oil stains are disposed of in the kitchen and thereby become an environment free of pollutants. This chimney is made easy to use by the contact control panel.

This chimney has a high-quality baffle filter to drag smoke and stabilization particles down.

The automotive head purification device uses a heating component to isolate the oil and other contaminants from a separate oil collector. The collector may still be removed and cleaned.

Very little maintenance is needed for the filters, but cleaning at regular intervals is advisable.

This chimney has LED lights to illuminate the kitchen and thus raise the cuisine to another level.

It is ideal for the indigenous kitchen due to its sleek style and measurements. It increases the overall mood and lets the kitchen look new.


  • Excellent power suction thanks to powerful Motors.
  • LED lighting lamps.
  • Smooth activity and noiseless functioning.


  • The installation is costly compared with the cost of the chimney

9. Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney

Due to their fabled features such as urban architecture, powerful baffle filter, and good suction power, Elica chimneys are common on the market. These considerations make this chimney the best kitchen under Rs 9,000.

The Baffle filter is designed with an outstanding design that makes it easy to accumulate oil and other residues in the oil collector. It is completely difficult to clean the oil collectors at regular intervals.

The measurements of this chimney fit well into the Indian medium-sized kitchens. The Elica chimney is fitted with a powerful 1100 m3/hr engine, which makes it a powerful chimney.

This system requires less power while ensuring optimum performance. Push buttons are provided to allow for smooth running.

The great thing about this chimney is that it is silent. If not, people will regret their life in the kitchen for its sublime appearance. For the kitchen countertops and cooking areas, the LED lighting acts as illumination, thus preventing the use of other fixtures.


  • Activity without noise and performance.
  • Strong motor with practical suction.
  • LED lamps for illumination.
  • Filters easy to wash


  • Does not have an auto-purification feature.

10. Elica 60cm 1423m3/h Auto Clean Chimney

Elica is another esteemed model and a favorite for the outstanding qualities of Indian homemakers. The most appealing attribute is its appeal and efficiency to make it the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India right now.

On the chimney, you wake to the right. It increases its pace by moving in the same direction. You can wave your hand left if you want to turn off the appliance.

Two baffle filters complement this fireplace to extract toxic smoke and fats from your kitchen. As the filters are easy to clean, you can keep them clean to allow for long periods of time.

There is an outstanding suction capacity of 1,425m3/h in the Elica kitchen chimney. The existence of LED lamps on the kitchen, especially in the cooking areas, offers lighting to your kitchen.

A separate oil collector for quick cleaning is available in this chimney. The oil picker gathers the oil and other waste.

The technology for Heat Auto Clean ensures that the chimney is cleaned by pressing only one key.

Heats the sticky portion with a heating element and transmits it to the next oil collector. The Elica model is fitted with a touch screen, which is readily accessible in the chimney.


  • An outstanding alternative is a motion sensor.
  • Superb washing features.
  • Superb Performance.


  • While a free installation set is supplied, there could be large installation costs.
  • Service relegated issue can occur

How do You pick the right kitchen Chimney for your Kitchen?

When you go through this whole shopping guide, this should not be challenging. This is an attempt to include all the considerations involved in choosing the Best kitchen chimneys in India for your kitchen.

Before you purchase one of these Best Kitchen chimneys in India for your kitchen, You Should go through various aspects as listed below.

Aspects of choosing the best chimney

  • Types of chimneys
  • Different types of chimney filters
  • The suction power of the chimneys
  • Different Sizes of the chimneys
  • Cleaning and maintenance aspects

Types of chimneys

Auto Clean Chimneys

To remove the soot and grime, chemicals need to be regularly cleaned. Indians enjoy spicy food with plenty of grease. Therefore, the fragments of oily in the filters are connected. This will influence the chimney’s working. You have the choice of periodically cleaning the chimney.

This could enable the filters to be dismantled and completely washed. Alternatively, a chimney with an auto-cleaning mechanism may be used.

Indian fireplace suppliers typically use baffle filters. When we hit this point later in the tutorial, you can see more of these filters. The oil sticks to the filters and can go to the collector too. Under certain situations, you should know how to treat the chimney.

These chimneys are filled with about 500 ml of water in a tank. You must click the Auto Clean button after a few weeks using the chimney. This ensures that the water cleanses the oil and makes the chimney work as good as before.

Wall mounted Chimney

The wall-mounted is the most prevalent type of fireplace in the world. Kitchens in India are typically installed close to the walls. In India, the wall-mounted fireplace is therefore very common.

Kitchen Chimney Types: Different Types of Chimneys Used in Kitchen

Usually, these chimneys need ducts to release the smoke to the exterior. However, you have the ductless variety as well in such types of chimneys. Normally, you do not have cabinets to go along with such chimneys. You have a variant of the wall-mounted chimneys known as the island chimneys.

Straight line Chimneys

Many Indian cuisines face restrictions in space. You will not be able to build the wall-mounted chimneys in these conditions. You should rescue the straight chimneys. They stretch over the kitchen halfway.

SMARTFLAME Straight line Flat Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 750m3/hr Heavy Suction  Power: Home & Kitchen

They have strong suction endings to smoke from other areas of the kitchen as well as sucking smoke straight from the cooker. This chimney has the benefit of providing you with extra open space to store your kitchen appliances.

FAQs about The Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Common Questions on Buying Best kitchen chimneys In India.

Well, it’s been it. we have listed the Best kitchen chimneys in India. Discussed A few FAQs to solve your problem. Feel free to comment down below and ask anything related to the Best kitchen chimneys in India. also, visit our Blog menu for more content.


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