Can Massage Gun Help in Lose Weight?

You are wondering, Can Massage Gun Help in Lose Weight? Read further Hello, this is ETN from, Well, here I am to tell you all about massage and whether this helps in weight loss. You will know How they work and Can Massage Gun Helps in Lose Weight?

Massage guns have been popular these days, we can see many advertisements on social media advertising massage guns, and we love it.

I have been using the WellNEX Massage Gun for a while now, and I must say this thing is really helpful. Lightweight, easy to use.

Can Massage Gun Help in Lose Weight?

Now You want to know, Can Massage Gun Help in Lose Weight?

Normally massage guns are not made for fat burning or weight loss in major ways but still helpful in many ways. The best part of massage guns is their versatility. It not only helps to relieve the pain but also can help relax tight muscles. But, It can be used as a tool for losing weight in some ways.

So How does a massage gun help you lose weight, you asked? Well, that’s more of what we’re going to explain here today.

First, Why do we use a massage gun? Mainly, a massage gun offers a massage technique designed to treat soft tissue pain. The massage gun delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue. This massage technique is also known as percussive therapy

How ‘percussive therapy’ Can Massage Gun Helps in Lose Weight? Let’s see.

Can Massage Gun Help in Lose Weight?

Weight Loss With the present of Massage gun Explained

When it comes to Massage guns the word Percussion therapy’ is pretty common. So What does it mean? It is a massage technique designed to treat soft tissue pain. And this is why massage guns are made for.

This is what massage guns are made for, which is automatically to provide successive rapid pressure bursts. And if I talk about massage therapists, they do differently.

So, How does Percussion therapy help in losing weight? The vibration of the massage gun gives a boost to the metabolism. Thus, more calories have to be burned. And it will be more effective if you do a regular workout.

Keep in mind that weight loss is no shortcut. No matter how you use it on your body, It also needs a healthy diet and exercise. Otherwise, your path towards weight loss would not be as successful as you thought. So don’t be lazy and start working.

As I mentioned earlier a massage gun lets you lose weight but does not have a way to get rid of fats completely.

So keep a massage gun with you whenever you go to the gym. In the next paragraph, In the following segment, I will guide you on how to use your massage gun to lose weight.

Workout With Massage guns

The advantages of massage guns for weight loss are ideal for those who want to start living an active and healthy life. In this Guide, I am going to show you how to use a massage gun for your exercise sessions.

Before workout

Hold your massage gun after warming up and softly rub it on the muscle groups that you are hitting for today’s workout.

Doing so enhances the muscle’s blood circulation, making the exercise more effective and fulfilling. If you are doing leg day, then use the massage gun on your legs for around 3 to 5 minutes.

During workout

Workouts will make your muscles rigid, especially if you are doing an intense training session.

Massage the muscles after each set again to keep the muscles from getting stiff and last long in the gym.

It leads to prevents muscle spasms during your massage session. It helps you to do more and lift more. Do this for about 1-2 minutes until you lift the weights again.

After workout

The extreme intensity after a workout session is normal. So, use the massage gun again to calm yourself and run it softly on your muscles. 

This helps your body to relax and gives you that sleepy feeling after your exercise session.

During exercises, the longer you use the massage gun, the greater your recovery time will be. It also helps to eliminate muscle spasms, which is a normal phenomenon after every exercise.

How to use a Massage gun for weight loss

You have to be gentle while using a massage gun on your muscles. It would not be nice if you put much pressure on it.

Besides helping to lose weight, you can also get lots of advantages from a massage gun. It means allowing you to be more flexible, enhancing blood circulation, and boosting lymphatic flow.

Also, play with the speed and vibration settings. It lets you decide which setup is the correct setting that best suits you.

Always remember to put too much pressure on the massage gun. The pressure from the head of the massage gun is already sufficient to soothe your muscles and fatty areas. So be soft, and let the massage gun do its job.


It’s been it, I Hope This may help you with your questions. Read our Best massage gun in India if you planning to buy a massage gun.