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5 Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Home India 2023

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Day by day we are getting familiar with the term ‘Air Purifier’, and if you don’t know what an is Air purifier? well, we are here to tell you so. This is ETN from Electen and today we are going to share our experience with an air purifier, What is it? Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Home.

What is an Air Purifier? 

Air Purifiers are devices that clean your home / mini halls/offices from indoor air impurities, Which have the potential of making you sick both in the short and the long term depending upon your immunity. 

It doesn’t sound like a very big deal because more often than not we cannot see indoor air pollutants through the naked eye but it is a fact now that indoor air is 2 to 5 times more dangerous and dirty as compared to outdoor air. This is because indoor air is a mix of both outdoor and indoor air pollutants which can be harmful to our body, as it’s not healthy air to breathe.

Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Home

Breathing these mixed air pollutants can cause anything from regular colds, coughs, and headaches [which is very common] and in the short term to asthma, lung and heart diseases, and other relevant problems and even cancer over a long-term of mixed air exposure.

An air purifier can be useful in helping us breathe clean and neat air which in turn will keep us healthy and happy for a longer time. They can Eliminate allergens and other dusty air that bring about occasional manifestations, including sniffling, problems related to the nose, and irritating smell or runny eyes.

They can pull out particles causing germs, harmful microorganisms, and infections or allergens, particularly present in winter or spring when windows/doors and main entryways are generally closed. 

5 Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Home India 2023 [ With recommendation ]

However, you are here to know which is the best affordable air purifier for your home. To make it easy for you we have created a top 5 list of the Best affordable Air Purifiers for Home. checking different aspects like features, warranty prices, and customer reviews, and shortlisting a list of the best ones available in the market right now.

Best Air Purifiers for HomeNo of FiltersCoverage AreaCADRBuy Now on Amazon
1. Dyson Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier (Premium)4450 Sq.fitNOBuy on Amazon
2. Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier3269-409 Sq.fit333 m3/hBuy on Amazon
3. Coway Professional Air Purifier (Best Budget)3355 Sq.fit303 m3/hBuy on Amazon
4. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter (Recommended) 3484 Sq.fit380 m3/hBuy on Amazon
5. Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices3200 Sq.fit240 m3/hBuy on Amazon

5 Best Air Purifiers for Home India

Let us define one of each Air purifier So, You can check every Detail

1. Dyson Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

Dyson is a British technology company that is known for its vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and bladeless fans. This particular product combines the features of its air purifiers and bladeless fans. It is a product that is certified as Asthma and Allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It has a 360 ° Glass HEPA Filter & Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter.

The H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibres. It claims to remove 99.95% of particles as small as PM 0.1. The 360 ° Glass HEPA Filter captures ultrafine particles from all angles, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. The Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter captures household odors and harmful toxins. This product also acts as a bladeless fan circulating purified air all across the room. Best Air Purifiers for Home

It has an oscillation feature to cover a large area. The air multiplier technology gives it a powerful air projection (all this without any blades). It also has 10-step speed settings for airflow. It is also Wi-Fi enabled and can be operated using a Smart Phone App from anywhere in the world. The purifier has active monitoring of air quality and the data is available on the smartphone app.

Highlighted Features:

  • Washing Performance: This Air purifier only takes 8 moments to purify a typical room along with a tidy air shipment cost of 397 m3/hour. This device is excellent for a medium to a big bedroom, approximately 505 sq ft.
  • NanoProtect HEPA Filter: It was created to provide premium filtration productivity with an extra Air Conditioning filter. It offers lifetime defense versus airborne bits.
  • VitaShield IPS Technology: The air purifier in India possesses VitaShield IPS created with an added dense NanoProtect HEPA filter. It helps in the reliable elimination of the UFP particles along with eliminating the H1N1 virus.
  • Real-Time Feedback of Air High Quality: Get real-time updates with the most effective quality air as it comes with a PM 2.5 red flag along with the 4-Step color ring. Licenses The product has been evaluated and also received a license through ECARF, AHAM, as well as Airmid, which comes with a stringent requirement of quality.
  • Sensing unit: Touch Contributing to your advantage, these air filters have actually included a sensor-touch UI along with a significant mathematical screen.
  • AeraSense Modern technology: This innovation notices even a light adjustment in the air condition. The product watches on transforming air as well as discovers the bits by immediately readjusting the follower velocity.
  • Sleep Setting: It is just one of the greatest functions as it offers you stunning sleep when you reject the fan speed and sound amount mode.
  • Service warranty: Relevant information This product is actually backed up along with 2 2-year warranty through Phillips. Inside package In package, the Air purifier, Filters, as well as User manual is actually provided


  • It has smart functionalities like Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth that make it easier to control.
  • Suitable for any sized room.
  • If you have a premium budget then it will be a perfect fit for you.


  • Since it comes in the market at a higher price, a huge portion of the audience can afford it.
  • The HEPA needs to change frequently

2. Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier

When it comes to making Air purifiers, Philips is among the leading brand names. Their Air Purifiers are fairly well-known and this one is not various. it is one of the Best Air affordable Purifiers for Home

This Air purifier includes 3 automated filtration setups: General Mode, Extra Sensitive Allergen Mode, Extra Powerful Virus, and also Bacteria method. It features 2 filters: 1) Nano Protect HEPA Filter 2) Active Carbon Filter. In combination, these pairs can efficiently get rid of ultrafine fragments as little as twenty nm, and take out chemicals, TVOC as well and stench.

They can easily also remove as much as 99.9% of germs and infections. The Aerasense sensing unit in this particular purifier can correctly identify particles smaller sized than PM 2.5 and may supply real-time records on the particulate level. The air purifier likewise has a brilliant light command which can be utilized to dim down the illumination from the Air purifier.

Highlighted features:

  • Cleaning Efficiency: This purifier follows VitaShield IPS along with a streamlined layout that cleans up the air to the place of 393 m3/hr. Accordingly, this air purifier is actually excellent for area examines to 95 straight gauges. This purifier does away with bits as little as 0.02 µm.
  • Smart Light Control: The lighting on the UI may lower and or can easily shut down without avoiding moderate disturbance for buyers.
  • Less Noise: When the item is in soundless method, the purifier will definitely turn down its own fan rate as well as its own sound level so your sleep will not get agitated.
  • Aerodynamic Design: This product possesses the greatest layout that boosts effective airflow and provides a beautiful design.
  • Germs & Virus Mode: The air sensors are going to spot the infection as well as bacteria bits by offering the absolute most successful means to decrease the bits. The Philips air purifier includes a high setting to increase the high-quality HEPA filter in the purifier properly.
  • VitaShield IPS Technology: It possesses Vitashield IPS specialists with wind-resistant concepts and NanoProtect filters. Individuals may properly eliminate ultra-fine particles and reduce dangerous fuels such as TVOC, formaldehyde, and stench. In other words, it gets rid of 99.9% of germs.
  • Allergen Mode: The Allergen method features a special celebration discovery formula that can easily detect trembling cushions or a Hoover passing away. It can enhance air movement immediately by minimizing the dangerous amount of irritants to the minimum required.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty Information: This machine is backed up with 2 years of international service warranty by Phillips. Inside the box In the package, the Air purifier, Filters, and User guidebook are actually provided.


  • It comes with AeraSense technology.
  • It is Efficient and its performance is quite remarkable.
  • Makes comparatively less noise than the other air purifiers available in the market.
  • It can be used for bedrooms.


  • The Price of this air purifier could be a little concerning topic.
  • It does not come with any remote control features.

3. Coway Professional Air Purifier.

Coway is a well-known global brand from Korea that is known for its Air Purifiers. This model coming from Coway possesses 3 layers of Air filtering: a) Pre Filter– which gets rid of dirt, hair, or even pet dog coats b) Carbon Filter– helpful for taking out scents and harmful gasoline c) Green Anti Flu HEPA Filter– which is effective in taking out cigarette smoke, infections, bacteria as well as mini dust (PM 2.5).

The Green HEPA filter in this air purifier is constructed from Ginko and also Japanese Sumac which aid in the elimination of H1N1 viruses, influenza, and lots of other infections. It possesses 4-speed setups and a real-time Air-high quality clue (the clue adjustments shade from reddish to blue as the Air receives cleansed).

The firm has workplaces in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, as well as Bengaluru however they give service PAN India. if you have a low budget then this one is for you, it is one of the Best Air Purifiers for Home

Highlighted Features:

  • Intense Triple Air Purification: There is dirt just about everywhere in every space and also corner of your house. This item possesses an essentially 3-step filtering procedure that can properly catch dust up to 90% of ultrafine bits.’
  • Cleaning Efficiency: Along with a power intake of 38 Watts, This air purifier reveals a CADR of 355 cubic meters each hr which may clean an area of around 33 square meters within 10 minutes.
  • Extraordinary Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter: An interesting HEPA Filter constructed from Japanese Gingko Leaves and Sumac Trees, which has an amazing property to obliterate protein on the outside of the infection. This Eliminates 99.97 % of Airborne contaminants and 99.99 % of viruses and Allergens.
  • Appreciate the Quiet Life: This fresh item generates only twenty dBA sounds covering 420 straight feet.
  • Easy Maintenance: For maintenance, you do not need to establish a suggestion as the machine offers periodic tips when it requires cleansing.
  • Sophisticated & Space saver: The air purifier may combine properly with the insides as well as provide a stylish concept along with smooth sections as well as wavy textile patterns.
  • Safe to utilize: This machine possesses a youngster padlock, which avoids inappropriate use.
  • Service warranty Information: This device comes with a 5 five-year warranty on the Motor, and 1 Year Warranty on the Product Inside the box air Purifier, Pre Filter, Deodorization Filter, Green Anti-Flu True HEPA Filter, Power Cord, and user Manual are actually the given package.


  • it comes with a high CADR value.
  • Cawdy has good brand value in this kind of market, you can trust it as well.
  • It also comes with night mode features.
  • Excellent Design and great performance make it one of the best air purifiers in the Indian market.


  • It does not come with movable wheels, it could be a downside.
  • The filter of this air purifier is costly as compared to other air purifier filters.

4. Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter

Xiaomi is a well-known label from China that sells a lot of devices in India but is particularly recognized for its budget smartphones.

This Air purifier features 3 levels of air filtration: a) Pre-Filter– It takes out huge air-borne bits like dirt and hair b) H11 Grade HEPA Filter from TORAY, Japan– This level eliminates micron-sized bits and also dangerous germs c) Activated Carbon Filter– This layer gets rid of formaldehyde, various other unsafe substances as well as likewise eliminates scents.

The Air purifier has a 360o layout and also takes air from all sides. This purifier may also filter PM 0.3 fragments. The purifier additionally possesses an LED display which reveals the air quality show.

The Air Quality is spotted making use of a higher precision laser device sensor which may even identify PM 0.3 particles. This purifier is also an intelligent purifier as well as may be operated using a SMART phone or even a vocal assistant. If you looking for the overall Best affordable Air Purifiers for your Home then this one will be a great option.

Highlighted Features:

  • New OLED Display: The product comes with an OLED show that makes it possible to check out the PM2.5 amount in the space and monitors exactly how to clean the air successfully.
  • Correct HEPA Cleaning: This Purifier is actually a Genuine HEPA Filter with a filtering efficiency of 99.97% for molecules measuring 0.3 microns. This air purifier will certainly allow you to inhale natural air with efficient cleaning up can successfully the room in 10 moments.
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment: The purifier includes 25 screen changes, which can easily offer background illumination and assist you in resting comfortably.
  • High-Precision Laser Sensor: Right here, the sensing unit can easily detect the particles, which concern 0.3 μm, and can aid in determining the OLED display screen easily.
  • 3-Layer Filtration for Maximum Purification: Along With a High CADR of 380 m3/h, The product possesses 3 layers where huge airborne fragments are eliminated from exterior fragments. The center coating uses H11-level filtering, which removes unsafe germs. The interior layer uses triggered carbon dioxide to eliminate gases, smoke & bad odors.
  • Dependable High Rise Structure Design: It includes an up-and-down shaped tower concept. This ensures maximum effectiveness as well as improves air intake by creating a vital air filtration path.
  • Smart Command with Mi Home Application: There is actually a Mi mobile application that inspects the quality of air, temperature level, and moisture. Along with that, the Application changes the follower strength as well as Timer centers.
  • Quiet and also Energy Dependable: This equipment is actually made to produce incredibly low noise, it is actually therefore silent that you fail to remember that it’s in the area. It takes in just 38 watts of power, which makes it pretty energy-efficient compared to the other purifiers.
  • Guarantee Information: Mi delivers this maker along with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty coming from the time of investment on the primary device. (filter omitted). Of in the box Air Purifier, Filter, User Guide, and Power wire are given in box


  • It comes with 3 layers of filtration for better air.
  • Also suitable for large-sized rooms.
  • Smoothly works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • This air purifier has a laser particle sensor


  • The filters of this air purifier have to be changed within 4-5 months.

5. Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices

A dual purification mode is included with the Sharp FP-F40E-W Air Purifier. With its unique 20-degree airflow, it purifies the air in the room using a mix of Plasmacluster technology and HEPA filters. Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Home

The air purifier’s HEPA filter catches up to 99.95 percent of particulate matter bigger than 0.3 microns, including germs, dust, pollen, and allergies. Sharp Air Purifiers have a 20-degree airflow that cleans and purifies the air in the room rapidly. it is one of the Best Air Purifiers for Home

The air purifier is simple to use, including haze mode, sleep mode, and an odor sensor. Sharp’s FP- F40E-W has a low noise level so you can get a good night’s sleep while inhaling fresh air. Best Air Purifiers for Home

Highlighted Features:

  • 20° AIRFLOW: Sharp Air Purifiers have a 20-degree airflow that cleans and purifies the air from the ceiling to the floor. It gathers dust at lower levels of the space and reduces static electricity, allowing for more thorough cleaning.
  • HAZE MODE: The HAZE mode is designed to be used when pollution levels are high. It also differs depending on the city and area. In this mode, high-density Plasmacluster Ions are discharged, and the contaminants are swiftly removed using a combination of fan speeds.
  • DUST & ODOUR SENSOR: The Dust and odor sensor detects the amount of dust and odor in your space. The amount of pollutant is shown by the color LED, which lights red when the level is high, yellow when the level is medium, and green when the level is below the permitted limit.
  • PEACEFUL SLEEP: Sharp Air Purifiers feature minimal noise levels, allowing you to sleep soundly while inhaling clean, fresh, and filtered air. There are three distinct settings on our product: high, medium, and low. Choose the most appropriate option for the size of your space. Best Air Purifiers for Home


  • It comes with a dual purification mode.
  • Comes with 1 year of standard warranty.
  • It is ideal for a 200-400 sq. fit


  • Remote control or smartphone connectivity type features are not available in this air purifier.

Types of Air purifiers:

There are mainly two types of air purifiers present in India:

  1. Water-based purifier 
  2. HEPA purifier

Each water-based purifier unit has an in-built fan and a filtration system. Due to the rotation of the air fan, airflow is supplied into the device, the air gets passed through filters.

It can be dry or equipped with humid air. In addition, there are various models where an air ionization system is equipped(which is by the way, very beneficial for the respiratory system of humans).

Water-Based Air Purifier [The explanation]

They are mostly called air washers. Inside it has a special reservoir with water and air filters through which air passes leaving it particles of dirt/dust in the water. They are often equipped with UV lamps for the water disinfection process.

Such air purifiers can be used in all types of rooms/offices/mini-areas but most importantly where the air needs to be humidifier easily. They are good for rooms that have antique furniture, wall paintings, and plants, or for small children’s playing rooms.

Advantages of Water-Based Air Purifiers

  1. They are power-saving and consume only 110-400 watts of electricity
  2. They are noiseless, as they use less powerful fans.
  3. Structure wise they are simple and don’t need any complex or heavy maintenance.

Disadvantages of Water-Based Air Purifiers

  1. They work slowly, there isn’t a fast mode. If you need to quickly clean the dust air in a room, then this device will not be suitable for you.

HEPA Purifiers [The explanation]

They have a deep complex design and structure, that includes several air-cleaning filters. Such types of air purifiers are quite fast and effective. Moreover, they are capable of quickly removing allergens, dust, bacteria, and unpleasant smells or odors effectively.

Such air purifiers are popular because they purify the air more quickly, efficiently, and with better accuracy. 

They often have extra helpful functions. They are best for any premises or small spaces and are especially useful for asthmatics patients, allergic persons, and small children.

Advantages of HEPA purifiers

  1. It has a combination of power and performance that are quite efficient
  2. You can do fast and deep cleaning (there is a dedicated mode).
  3. It has a range of filtration models with various power capacities.

Disadvantages of HEPA air purifiers

  1. Such devices are noisy since they have powerful fast efficient fans.
  2. Such purifiers consume a lot of electricity.

Things to consider before buying an Air Purifier [Buying Guides]

1. Why Air Purifiers are necessary? [Know the basic needs] 

Indoor air is more harmful than air present outside. Also, household items such as body deodorants, cleaning powders, and inkjet-type printers create indoor air pollution as well. 

An air purifier is advised for those people with dust allergies/infections, asthma, or any other respiratory disease and small kids. 

These devices control the air quality by getting rid of allergen items, dust particles, and pet hairs that are not visible to the naked eye. Such devices also absorb unpleasant smells from wall paints and varnishes.

2. Types of Air filters and Levels [Which one works well] 

  • Activated Carbon Filters [ACF]- They are used in combination with other filters. Activated carbon filters help absorb bad smells and odors and also absorb smoke, chemical smells, and other fumes.
  • Charged Media Filters [CMF]- They combine particle filtration with an electrostatic charge type filter to filter particles that are as tiny as 0.1 microns in size. This air filter is required to be replaced as well to work faster and efficiently.
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation Filters [PO]- These filters are comprised of a titanium dioxide-coated metal plate with Ultraviolet lights to oxidize and turn down the chemicals during the air filtration mechanism.
  • Pre Ordinary Filters [POF]- They are like foam and non-woven polyester materials, they drop huge dust particles, before coming to the next stage of the advanced filtration mechanism.
  • HEPA filters [High-Efficiency Particulate Air]- They clean dust allergens like pollen, animal skin, and moderate mold spores. These filters can remove 99% of all the dust particles which can be very tiny as 0.4 microns in size.

3. Based on Area [Which one could be the best]?

The size of a room is an important dominant reason for buying a suitable Air purifier. Larger areas will need larger air purifiers so make sure that you buy an air purifier that can run in such space that is 35-40% larger than the area or room for the best performance and fast removal of the dusty air.

The choice of the Best Air Purifiers for Home also depends on the type or size of the room. If you are buying for a bedroom then choose an air purifier that makes low or less noise so that you can work peacefully. 

If you are buying for a living room then the air purifier has multiple settings which you can change or adjust when you are all alone in a room.

4. CADR scale [Quality Measurement]

CADR is the measure of purified air delivered by an air purifier at its maximum airflow speed. It measures both the amount of airflow and dust particle removal efficiency.

Before deciding or making a purchase, look for the CADR ratings it should be higher because the efficiency will be more of the air purifier for a particular area or room.


Poor air top quality can make you sick just like enhancing air contamination. Every home demands the very best top quality air purifier that can easily provide your loved ones a healthy and balanced and also new air to respire. Just in case you have a newborn or even a much older individual with breathing concerns it’s the finest decision to earn a premier air purifier that can easily make all of them experience well-balanced as well as much safer.

However, you might be confused about which one of them is best to get. As above, we have pointed out a number of the top absolute Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Homes in India that our experts recommend our consumers to choose from whenever they create their thoughts to bring home an air purifier that secures a more secure breathing setting.

Additionally, our experts have been sure that we offer all the important particulars about the very Best Air Purifiers for Homes in India from top labels that provide both worth for funds and first-class functionality so that our individuals do not face any issues subsequently.

In our lists, our experts covered every little thing concerning the very Best Affordable Air Purifiers for Homes in India to ensure every single individual discovers an air purifier that may match their set of requirements and budget. In addition, after experiencing our buying guide, the customers would manage to create an easy selection to get the most ideal air purifier for their property. We have reviewed other home accessories like Kitchen Cooktops and water purifiers, you can check those as well

Thus with no hold-up present your liked ones with a fresher and cleaner atmosphere to breathe in! For more, you can comment down below.


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